Thursday, April 20, 2006

1050 : 61 memories

did i show this photo here b4?

in 1999:

this was wat i looked like JC year 1. hehe.. young and innocent.. this is just some of us.. no one had a digicam then so i'm still trying to find a full class photo of us.. its in my house in sg though.. this photo was taken on campus in the then Hwa Chong Junior College, with Bukit Timah Road behind us. I miss Hwa Chong!!! (T.T)

we had one of the best bench spots for our class bench. tucked away at the corner nearest to the field and gate of Chinese High, it was easy to come and to leave (sneak out?) hehe.. and it was windy and we had a great view of the field to see the guys playing soccer and to see the chinese high track as well. i have great memories of the place, as we always stayed there until late chatting and scribbling in the class diary, or just zoboing there.. or cramming there together near exam period.. bonding sessions with our seniors too.. (although we didn't realli care much of our juniors, i guess we just wanted to be the ones being pampered haha) how time flies. (T.T) the next photo shown is 4 years later liaoz...

in 2003:
2003 xmas

we were at henry's place for Christmas.. when i had just finished uni and starting to look for a job. i think i was 21? although i think i still looked 18 then hehe.. we had regularly meetups every christmas when the whole class would be involved (xcept some who outcast themselves and cos they are the kiam pah kind) and we would usually potluck to someone's place and stay overnite there playing mahjong or chatting, like chalet but no need to pay haha. you would perhaps notice that our class has a small number of girls.. which was great since anything that needed manual work in school (carrying tables, chairs etc) the guys would be gentlemen and since there were so many of them.. we were pretty much redundant in such situations (#^-^#) but yah.. i think the boys finished army and started uni during that photo period, so most of them had hair liao.

even though we met regularly at xmas, the bunch of us who lived near each other, west area mostly would meet up like once a month at least. just to drink coffee (me chocolate) and chat or just to play PS2 at zhiwen's house for the guys. now that zhiwen has gone to australia for his studies.. we dun have a meeting place thats so cosy anymore... (T.T)

and after another 2 years.. we have taken another photo..

in 2005:
6 years of frenship

after 6 years i don't think we aged much. (most of us still looks the same i think..) and most of the girls have already graduated from uni then. last year july we took this shot i think. xiangqin was missing from the previous photo, junwei is missing from the 2 photos but we see jw almost every year still but xq hasnt been back for like 2years plus and he didn't change much ahha. we used to have his place to use for gatherings too but that has been made impossible too. (T.T)

this photo was taken at qunci's (the girl in green on my left) newly renovated bungalow and her place is another regular hangout for sleepovers. its huge and tucked away in quiet thomson area so it feels like another chalet as well. again.. just the few girls here, all of us working liao.. think jiayan (the girl in black) was still studying at that time her last sem..

the guys are serving their IA now, hailiang & yaohui are in china for IA, in beijing , shilun too but he's not in the photo, he didnt come to the gathering! henry oso didnt come.. guan is doing is FYP i think.. yupz.. the rest doing IA in singapore. i still email/msn/skype/webcam with some of them quite regularly so i guess we dun really feel the distance.

i love these people... think we are going to be friends for life.

Kimura Takuya dances with Mickey!


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