Monday, April 24, 2006

1053: Denim Woes

the weekend is over again!! *wails*

why does it go by so fast yet the days in the office during the week goes by so slowly!? *wails*

why isn't there 3 days of weekend and 4 weekdays instead??! *wails again*

boohooooo !! *wails for the last time*

ok .. i've finished wailing & whining to rid myself of the Monday morning blues..

anyway, this is for you Jaclyn.. bought for you this copy and another TV guide with SMAP cover this month liaoz.. :p
Latest TV guide

ok.. the weekend..

this weekend was like some food festival in my room (for me and him.. heh..) the menu was:

Linner: Inari sushi, Oden

Lunch: Winter melon soup with Chicken & Mushrooms
Dinner: Korean Kimchi Steamboat

so i made inari sushi on saturday, we had oden (from 7-11) ... and it was like 3 plus when we ate so we didn't eat anything for the rest of the day. except ice cream at 10pm? heh..

and sunday i made winter melon soup with chicken and mushrooms for lunch cos ryo was getting heaty.. its weird.. the weather is still so freaking cold but he is getting heaty.. and the rest of my office oso actually. everyone is coughing and sneezing and germs and viruses are flying around, yuck. its like end april already and the temperature is still 13 degrees? haiz.. i dun think there will be like good temperature (20 degrees?) at all this year.. probably this cold will just suddenly become summer and the weather becomes super hot and humid and i can get very tanned just by standing in the sun while going for lunch and when i wait at the traffic lights. yikes. okie.. i digress. the soup was great.. (^-^)v of cos haha.

and dinner actually was just preparing the vegetables/mushrooms/cooking rice. the radish is the most mafan thing to cook. the skinning of it is mafan, then still have to make indents so that the 味 taste will go into the radish from the soup.. then have to boil the radish in the soup for an hour plus first for it to soften.. wah liu... i was like so hungry by then le. grrr..

yah .. but seriously.. i now know wat my mom feels like when she is sick but still have to cook for us. i had a major headache yesterday, and after lunch i took a nap, from 4pm-6plus? then i was like half awake then i think ryo was hungry liao (grrr...!!) so he sorta nudged me awake and told me its 6.30pm liaoz.. i was like.. "huh? u are hungry is it?" then he nodded and i was like "haiz.." woke up with my throbbing headache and had to prepare dinner for us. ouch. but at least seriously, after having had to take care of this big baby for nearly a year, i really much much more appreciate what my mom does for us. .. to think of a menu, to prepare food when you really dun feel up to it, when you just want to sleep yet have to think of others in the family who need u.. very very wei3 da4. but the difference is i dun shout at ryo (unlike my mom who shouts at us) and say stuff to make him feel guilty that he's making me cook for him when i feel sick. wahah! dun you think that the shouting negates the wei3 da4 action? makes the other party think that "wah lau, didn't force you to cook wat. " and resent you instead of appreciating you. wahaha. psycological tricks..


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