Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1055: the day the trains stopped.

today the subway stopped operating.

i didn't think it was a terrorist attack though.

at the usual time this morning, 8.24am, i walked into the subway. one train was just pulling away and i walked to the front of the queue. as usual, the next train came within the next minute. got into the train with the morning crowd and waited for the door to close within 30 seconds. 30 seconds turned to 2 minutes and still nothing happened. the train did not move and the next batch of commuters had come from the other lines to board the subway. we were squashed in even more and i was thinking "why are they not closing the doors yet? i 'm going to die of overcrowding le..!! " and the 2 minutes became 5 and finally there was an announcement.

"There was an incident enroute to Abeno station and we apologise for the delay. We are now investigating and passengers who are in a hurry, please use the other subway lines instead. We do not know the cause yet. "

wow.. so major? unfortunately it was in jap and i didn't really understand anything except that they were apologising for the delay. so i decided to wait maybe 10 more minutes in case the train started moving and i would stiill be on time for work. i looked around the train for capcom people and found my colleague hehe. luckily she was there too. stupid vodafone couldn't get a signal amidst the mass dialing from the crowd, all emailing/calling the office to say they would be late etc etc. when i did manage to get thru to my office, it was when i had already walked out of the office to above-ground. and apparently only one other girl was affected on my level :x and her boarding station was so near to the office that she wasn't late at all so i looked bad when i finally walked in at 9.30am. but i walked from UMEDA! 20-30 min walk away lor.

grr. even the ones who were supposed to be here at 9.30am reached earlier than me cos the train lines resumed part of the service at 9.05 am. yikes. so suay. i started walking at 8.55am lor.

hmm reached the office and apparently the news said that the incident was caused by a "dong! " sound heard by an earlier train on the way to Abeno station and that train made an emergency stop immediately. the poor passengers had to walk along the tunnel to the next station for safety because it turned out that one of the cables of the electric lamps in the tunnel had sagged and had hit the roof of the train and for fear of invoking sparks from the high speed and the contact with the cables which could start a fire, the electricity and ther train service was stopped there and then, until the problem could be rectified. :x apparently 42000 passengers were affected for the incident to have happened during morning peak hour and the train service only fully resumed at 10.10am. .. so late.

but i guess its good that they are nowadays so serious bout every little strange noise they hear etc. i would prefer train stoppages and being late for work than being killed.

today no pictures.. too traumatised by this incident liaoz.


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