Tuesday, April 25, 2006

1054: Payday

today is the universal jap payday. don't ask me why, but all japanese working class receive their pay on 25th of every month. and so the ATM usage is free after office hours for 25th/26th of every month. yes, there is a charge if u use the ATM after 5.30pm everyday. they charge u 105 yen per transaction. its disgusting lor. then to counter that i just drew out a bunch of cash and left it at home so that i didn't have to withdraw until i finished those. stupid right? wats a bank for in such a case? so inconvenient.

oh but its not my payday yet. haha.. it was supposed to be on the 10th April but EDiB & Capkom are so inefficient that they cause our pay to be late again. so it will probably be in our account mid may? freaking slow. and i can see my bank acct slowly going to be empty again. although the late pay for the last quarter will give me some savings cos i can't spend the money b4 i return to sg haha.

yesterday i was struck by severe diarrhoea and stomach pains. i thought it was cramps at first, but toward the end of the day it became severe sharp pains on the left side that i had difficulty breathing and walking home. almost fainted when i was bathing but miraculously, i just sat in the tub a little while, until the dizziness passed and i felt much better after that. the pain had settled into a dull ache and i was feeling a lot less nauseous. now what had happened? i still feel really puzzled at how the pain just disappeared liddat. it wasn't that i ate dinner or wat too. kept thinking that it was because i stepped into the protection of my room that watever that was harming had to stop. really lor. eerie.

Picture of the day: i love oysters!!

there's this oyster and gumbo bar in NU Chayamachi and i've been there like twice. their oysters are soooo delicious! although abit too exhorbitant pricing. i would actually prefer Kublaikhan in Takashimaya Singapore but beggars can't be choosers and so i usually go this place when i have a super super craving for oysters. okie, its a oyster and gumbo bar so i'm sure no one actually noe wat gumbo is. (except it sounds like dumbo the elephant) Gumbo is a Louisiana dish, with cajun tastes and ingredients. it's a risotto dish, mixed rice dish? tastes not too bad actually, a little spicy, peppery.. hard to put down the taste.. but u should try the dish if u have a chance.. then u will understand what i'm saying.

back to my studies.. tata (^-^)/


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