Friday, April 28, 2006

1057: growing up


even more moody today.

guess wat, my youngest sis is attached. inevitable i guess, since she started JC this year.. which means i am officially old liao. :x


but we had fun last nite doing mass chatting. i decided to force my sis into confession by asking her straight. as the full chat log is at home.. it shall be posted up tonight. it was damn funny as we even forced her to tell us about her ex-bfs (-.-) and her now bf didn't know about some of them either. wahaha.. from a "interrogate the new bf" chat, it became an "interrogate my sister" chat. hohoho...

and there was a huge scare in the evening. i was taking off my contacts and the tap was running. and i didn't block the sink. when i was taking off my left lens, i just blinked and i heard a "click" sound and i realised the contact was not in my hand nor eye and the tap was still running!! AHHHHHH!HH!!H it was a horrible moment as i panicked, turned off the tap and my heart sank when i looked at the black drain hole hopelessly.. the first thought that came to my mind was "AGAIN!?" since i had already lost one lens last june and Ryo had lost his left lens too once. we had named the sink "contact lens eater" after that and i was like thinking this time "so creepy, the name is true?!" and it always always is the left lens lor. i was very mad with myself for having not been paying attention, and for not blocking the sink like i should have. and i was thinking why last time i also dropped my lens the month b4 going back to Sg for holiday!? wah very sad. i looked in vain at the sink for one last time b4 deciding to call my sis to make a new lens to send to me. haiz. so as i waited for my PC to boot up, i decided to put on my specs and go look at the sink again even though it was pretty hopeless. so i resumed the position where i had accidentally blinked off my contacts and shifted my eyes to look at the counter top beneath me. so my eyes scanned the counter: contact lens solution, clinique soap, facial wash, something blue and small.. wait. something blue and small!? it can' be .... but it is!! wahahahahahha!!! i almost went mad with the sudden change in emotions overwhelming me, from horrible emptiness and depression to a mad wave of happiness. wahahahahahah!! heng ah.... dun need to waste another 150 bucks.. to lose 2 lens in less than a year is really too much.. phew.... so very carefully, i BLOCKED the sink (cannot be lazy after the traumatising scare) then washed my lens and kept it. phew phew phew phew..

Photo of the day:
Hello Kitty red bean cake
hello Kitty 焼

due to popular demand, the picture of the day is back and it was requested that i put up more weird stuff from Japan that wasn't available in singapore. i think this is a good one? representative of Japan - Hello Kitty! this is a red bean cake actually, very delicious! all the cakes in the box (got 8 in one box) have individual wrap and are meant for people to give out after they come back from tokyo as souvenirs. very cute right?!


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