Saturday, May 06, 2006

1065: testing

today i finally decided to get down to registering for the business japanese test. i looked at the mess of application forms on my table and sorta gave up and decided to do online registration. and guess wat, they closed the online registration b4 golden week holidays! which totally doesnt make sense at all, they should close the manual registration earlier instead wat.!>! ...

haiz.. so i decided to try the sample test and surprise surprise .. ! i could do most of it except for the grammar portion (2-thirds of the test is listening compre) and hmm i dun think i need to go for the test this round, just go straight for it for 20% of the price in SG and the other JLPT test at the same time bah hoho.

today i finally woke up at a decent hour.. 10am. cooked breakfast for him (toast with melted cheese) using the frying pan but the mean guy spilt the bread. he wasn't paying attention and the toast slid off the plate and onto the carpet. i was quite pissed off cos i was already very hungry and he did such a thing (undermining all my efforts!) and the morning was off to a bad start. and then he ate up all the toast leaving me with no breakfast. ... wah liu... then found out from 2 friends the same morning they getting married at the end of the year. both are of my age. so fast!! congrats to them, though i can't help wondering how come my bf is so wishy washy..


anyway. polling day today. since i can't do anything being overseas and my area is a walkover, which is a relief i didn't think much about this whole thing. everyone asked me " i tot there's overseas voting??" erh.. there is but so wat? its like one polling station per country. Tokyo in Japan, Cambridge in Britain and so on.. u think it's like singapore, take bus / mrt can reach within the hour? and the thing is u have to register to be an overseas voter in Feb, which was way b4 we even knew there would be elections, how was we supposed to know where we were going to be when there is elections? in sg for holidays? or overseas still? and since there was only the tokyo polling station, i was not going to spend S$400+ on the bullet train tickets / return airfare just to cast that one vote. the progress package barely covers it even. grrr. and its not like ani one told us we were supposed to register as overseas voter or wat. as first-time voters, how would we noe wat to do?? edb is supposed to be in charge but no one gave a damn about us since we came. humph. how happy are we supposed to be as citizens of singapore representing the country overseas when we feel abandoned by the country?

haiz. enuff of complaints. photo today:

いつでも一緒 kitty

this kitty is a game character in Japan. it's something like a tamagotchi, except for a PSP/PS2, its a virtual pet friend that follows u everywhere. notice the expressions on its face. very cute right!? i think it's a male cat though..


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