Sunday, April 30, 2006

1059: cafe au lait

did you know cafe au lait is pronounced cafe "ole"? i didnt noe that until ryo kept asking me for a cafe "ole" and i tot he was joking.. and i asked, "are u joking? cafe ole? where got such thing?" he said it was french and i said ole not spanish or mexican meh? until cafe au lait suddenly flashed across my mind and i finally understood. hohoho..

ooh yesterday's dinner was mapo tofu :

Mapo Tofu

looks spicy but it actually wasn't. very easy to cook oso.. (^-^)V

then today i cooked Radish soup with chicken and mushrooms. very delicious!! pics up later haha. maybe i should rename this blog to "food i cook for Ryo" or something liddat. :p

weekend over again. tired. i always get a headache on sundays, i dunno why, and nowadays i take a nap every sunday afternoon and i wake up feeling worse than ever. i dunno why the headache comes about every sunday, not lack of sleep, but just a throbbing that doesn't stop at the top left of my head. maybe cos the weekend is ending and my body is telling me it needs more rest? hehe..

i caught The Punisher today on tv. finally. it was so brutal, the whole show was full of violence and gore. yuck. i tot the punisher was some comic character in a costume? turns out i remembered wrongly but the way the guy got John Howard (travolta) to kill his whole family himself was really smart, the way he planned his revenge. but there were so many times in the show where i just shut my eyes cos i just couldn't take the gore, like when they tortured the guy by pulling on his lip piercings to make him say where the Punisher was hiding etc. YUCK..... but the plot was good. i didn't catch the beginning so i still dunno why travolta killed his whole family at first. hmm..

watched a few other movies today/yesterday, but due to my short term memory, i totally cannot recall what i watched. i think i been watching old jackie chan movies on AXN these few weeks (very good, reminds me of home haha) and old episodes of Charmed. and City Hunter & sLam Dunk animations and Crayon shinchan on animax and asahi tv. hoho..

maybe all the tv watching gave me a headache.


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