Friday, May 05, 2006

1064: I am a pig

i've been a pig and woken up at 1pm for the past 3 days.

nothing to blog about.. since i didn't do anything. re-watching pride, and in the quest to dl some obscure song for ryo, stumbled upon a humongous BT site from china that has the jap song. wahahah.

discovered a good website for anyone studying jap:

pretty well structured, just that if you dunno how to read the word, it doesnt help much in telling u the pronounciation.

cooked a chilli prawn and sotong with french beans dish today. 原来不需要放多少辣椒也会有味道。


tiring. posting in chinese is tiring. i think like a snail in chinese after so long and my expressions in my head comes out in jap instead of chinese like it should. the kanji's right, but the sound is wrong and the typing is greatly slowed down. ... i better find someone to speak chinese to soon.


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