Friday, May 05, 2006

1063: movie thursday

supermarket day today.

advantages of going to the supermarket in the day: food are all fresher.
disadvantage of going to the supermarket early : no discounts like at the end of the day

cos we didn't buy any food yesterday wahaha. i realised today it was our 1 year 1 month anniversary yesterday. yay!

yup.. so i dragged him to the supermarket with me today. because i didn't want to pay for all the food he wanted me to cook for him. and because 4 days worth of food was too heavy for me to carry back by myself. hiakz.

okie.. boring stuff.. today was another goro (ごろ)day (which means zobo). was busy uploading all the old photos up.. think i'll put up links to the photosets updated:

- Tokyo 2003
- Osaka
- Sixoneders
- My Haven
- Capcom
- Before Japan

hmm ..
photo of the day: women's carriage


a godsend and a great move by the osaka subway. no need to squeeze with men (who are sweaty and smelly and perverts!) during peak hours. how i wish they would have women-only carriages on the MRT too. no need many, 1 carriage just for women is good enough!

just watched what Lies Beneath (michelle pfiefer <-how to spell?? & harrison ford) i was still screaming at all the scary parts like when i watched in 6 years ago. 6 years liao. and the feeling of when i was watching the movie is still like it was just recently. how time flies.


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