Wednesday, May 03, 2006

1062: golden week

blog entry 3

finally able to sleep in today. i slept until 1pm actually. was having a fight with Ryo till the wee hours .. i think until 4am? cried until i sorta fainted i think. it was ugly. i still don't know what he's thinking. but i hope he finally takes in whatever's been bothering me. i don't know why i reacted that strongly though. it was pretty much the norm for me to be so alone so long liao. but yesterday i just felt uncharacteristically furious. almost threw stuff at the wall that kind of anger. so when he finally reached here at 1am (which was damn late and added to my already seething fury) it was just downhill from there. but everything is fine again today, just that there is of cos that underlying hurt after a quarrel and the slight awkwardness and stilted politeness.

yesterday, i went shopping alone after work. i was already in a bad mood and at zara, 2 caucasian bitches really pushed me over the limits. they were tall, looked like models and pretty. but their characters sucked like shit. there was a long queue for the fitting rooms and i actually reached the end of the line to join first. one of the bitches was like late one step but there was a space btw me and the girl in front so she stuck her foot there and pretended she was already there b4 me. ok lor, so cheapo u wan u take lor. i not so ngeow. BUT. later on a line was forming behind me as well. about 3-4 more people. and her fren came along. so the one in front of me was like telling her to come join her in some foreign language and she did. my already dulan nerves snapped.

after like a moment of comtemplation, i quietly asked "excuse me.." both turned around. i said, "are u two going into the fitting room together?" they look shocked (and i think they were very very stupid to not know wat i was leading up to.. "NO! NO!" and they shook their heads vehemently. then i became damn sarcastic.. "oh. i think there's a line behind me, maybe u should queue up?" they exchanged a look, i think they were embarrassed but they didn't want to lose face so they just muttered something to each other and one of them walk away to pretend to look at more clothes. at the end of that, my heart was pounding so hard i could feel it in my ears.i think i looked damn buay song and i just looked everywhere but at them. this was the first time i had told anione off for cutting queue in front of me and i'm pretty proud of me for finally having stood up for myself. yay!

in the end, i bought a knit dress and a top (thin outer shirt so that i can wear spag strap to work ) haha.. my original aim was to buy sandals but i guess i have to buy that next week liaoz.

so today was a lazy day..
1pm : woke up
1.30pm: went to dry cleaners to drop off winter coat & jackets
2pm : cooked maggi mee lunch for Ryo
3pm : cooked maggi mee lunch for me
4pm : dlded desperate housewives season 2 episode 20
4.10pm: found out apprentice season 5 started liaoz!! already episode 10 somemore..
4.15pm: shifted files to my external hdd and found folders of old photos --> all in flickr liao go check out the sixoneders set and the Before Japan set..
5pm : watched desperate housewives episode 20 while trying to study Jap
6pm : checked recipe books to decide meals for the next few days
7pm : went supermarket --> bought only things for breakfast because everything was so freaking expensive. .. a radish cost $6.a quarter pumpkin cost $5. a pack of 6-pc ham cost $5. i don't think these are normal prices right?
8pm : had dinner at Kura-sushi.. --> there was roast duck sushi!!! ahhh.. the delicious juiciness of it.. of cos i ate the rice and the slice of duckmeat separately haha.. it seems gross to put wasabi on roast duck.
10pm: went to this hypermart called Donkey Hote (ドンキホテ)--> sells clothes, bags, branded stuff, anything and everything. they sold scented incense too, only they named it 淫センス wahhahah . gross sia. maybe the smell was suppose to turn u on?
11pm: reached home, had great sex, went to bed.. :p

picture of the day: blast from the past..
Tokyo dome -  all

this was when i went japan with qunci, xiangqin, me and alex. the pict was taken outside Tokyo Dome in 2003. heh. the trip that changed my life forever and and led to the chain of events that brought me here to japan eventually. its strange how life can surprise u with the right events at the right time.


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