Monday, May 08, 2006

1067: mr curiosity

just got Jason Mraz's album and this song was very interesting:

Hey Mr. Curiosity

Is it true what they've been saying about you
Are you killing me?
You took care of the cat already
And for those who think it's heavy
Is it the truth
Or is it only gossip
Call it mystery or anything
Just as long as you'd call me
I sent the message on did you get it when I left it
See this catastrophic event
It wasn't meant to mean no harm
But to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Love is a mystery
Mr. Curious...

Come back to me
Mr. waiting ever patient can't you see
That I'm the same the way you left me
In a hurry to spell check me
And I'm underlined already in envy green
And pencil red
And I've forgotten what you've said
Will you stop working for the dead and return
Mr. curious well I need some inspiration
It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration
The scenario is grave but I'll be braver when you save me
From this situation laden with hearsay

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
And love is a mystery
Mr. Curiosity
Be Mr. please
Do come and find me, oh
Find, find me, find me

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Trying not to ask why
Cause love is a mystery
Mr. curiosity
Be Mr. please
Do come and find me

Love is blinding when the timing's never right
Oh who am I to beg for difference
Finding love in just an instant
Well I don't mind, at least I've tried
Well I tried, I tried...

curiosity personified. how curiosity killed the cat liao and is coming to kill him and he personified all the other emotions like envy, waiting, please etc.. heh..

anyway.. my blood is boiling now. no no.. not because of ryo again. but with edB. why? our pay is late. AGAIN. ok i think i mentioned it before, so i would say it is coming EVEN LATER. it's already one month late. they are giving us flake and a hard time bout receipts from the immigration department for the revenue stamp we had to pay to extend our visas. i'm sure all the other trainees in Japan from other companies have had to do this too. so why are they giving us a hard time about it? it is not cheap, each person had to pay near to a hundred bucks themselves to get the visa extension. we already sent them the receipt,. they dun accept, want us to photocopy and show them our passport. ERM...... it's not like our passport shows the sum of money paid lor. and if we didnt extend the visa, we are illegal immigrants liao?! wat the hell are they doing!? we need to get ready to go home, we need money to pay for shipping and stuff and oso survive? this is japan, the land where everything is expensive like hell and they keep on doing this to us. the pay has NEVER once been on time, no matter how early we send our progress reports. last time they needed 2 weeks to process the reports, so we sent 3 wks earlier. the pay came 5/6 weeks later. so we sent the next batch of reports 5 weeks earlier. the pay came 7-8 weeks after we sent the reports. wow they need 2 months to read thru 8 reports ?? and to process some bank transfers?? how fuked up is that! now can u see why my blood is boiling?

and golden week has ended. sianz. it ended with me quarrelling with Ryo again. he was damn childish bout going into the dorm with other people sitting in the lounge and i had to go ask them if they could go up because of this bugger. and he said, if they were there for too long, he would just go home after i pass him his stuff.. which made me furious. what, u treat my room like a hotel ah? wanted to move out cos of this damn problem of difficulty going in and out (which was again his problem not mine) yet he refused to let me. and after that.. back to the same old quarrels again. haiz. but aniway.. maybe he is the type that i have to nag 10 times and then he will absorb 1 idea finally type of person.. :(

photo(s) of the day: presenting.. the latest portable handheld game console....

DS Lite

the DS Lite!
when opened up, it looks like this..

DS lite

a close up of the buttons:

the buttons

the screen is brighter than the old one, and notice the buttons are not embossed.. those with Nintendo handheld (Gameboy etc) will remember that the buttons of A B XY are always embossed so that u can feel the alphabets, but this DS Lite has printed on letterings instead. which means they will wear off in time. bad... it feels too smooth oso.. heh.. the embossed wordings used to provide me with grip.

just to leave u with an idea of how smooth and shiny the DS Lite is..

DS Lite

yah kinda dirty, fingerprints all over.. cos its dark coloured too. this is Ryo's actually, i bought it for him for a post anniversary present as mentioned earlier. but of cos.. what is his will eventually be mine too ... wahahahah *evil laughter*


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