Wednesday, May 17, 2006

1076: blood flowing from my head

i was an idiot today.

i walked to the first floor of the building, stood against the wall, bent over to adjust the straps on my shoe, and when i raised my head, i hit my head on the external aircon structure of the 1st-floor apartment. it was metallic. and i hit it very hard. you noe u usually raise ur head fast especially if you are in a hurry. that kind of strength and speed made the hit a very bad hit and the result was a loud *bong!* sound and immediate seeing of stars. incapacitated for a while. immediately doubled over and just started tearing / crying silently in pain. which caused my mascara to smear. and thats another problem later. but.. anyway.. it was soooo painful. and i reached out to touch the painful area and its just so dramatic when i saw my fingers smeared with blood. *faints*

nah.. i didn't faint, was still super painful but i was also thinking "wah.. drama.. got more blood" ?? was also thinking "more blood more blood then dun need to go work" hehe.. abit masochistic. but yah. this is like the first time i have had any injury on my head that actually drew blood. nothing so serious before, usually just bump on the wall or wat.. no sharp edges, just a blue black lump.. so i don't really noe how serious this is. the blood stopped after a while, i could walk to the station with my head still throbbing and my mascara a mess and i just sat thru the train ride with a throbbing pain at the injured spot. it still hurts now but i dunno if i'm supposed to see a doctor or wat.

ok if i dun post up anything or come online in the next few days u will knoe wat happened.

today the 2 newbies in corporate planning came around. for greetings. and they were quite pretty. feel abit sianz. that i might be forgotten by the corporate planning team after i leave. of cos its abit bad and its impossible for me to join in their activities forever.. but still, i guess i'm a little possessive in that sense about my frens la. hmm i don't really know how to explain.. but i guess i am pretty selfish and want to be the only one favoured by the team leaders etc? hmmmm.. or maybe its cause of my crush haha. i cannot touch no one else can too.. wahahahah

the knock on the head is showing effect


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