Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1075: depressed like shit.

okie.. the joy of the weekend trip has passed, and i'm back to this boring osaka again. bleahz.

and guess what, i forgot to bring my keys yesterday. i had already reached the dorm, had planned to shower and then laze around abit then go to ryo's. in the end, i reached the dorm, i could enter cos of the other girls had the key but i couldn't enter my room obviously. what a big boo boo. (T.T) & my DS was out of batt too. suay suay suay. i couldn't sit in the lobby with nothing to do so i went to peiling's room, played with her keyboard abit, waited for Ryo to call me when he was leaving the office. he finally did at 10.30pm and so i left the dorm. was already dead tired liao, yawning with every step i took. reached his home safely in the end while reading 金田一 comics on the train. yes in jap of cos.. hehehe..

reached his home, found the dumbo bunch of keys. argh. and i had not bring clothes for work today co s i had expected to go home last nite. grrr. so had to wear his t-shirt. and then guess wat, couldn't find my specs last nite. i distinctly remembered having left it on his table but it wasn't there. after we hunted high and low, still dun have, i gave up, went to wash up, took off my contacts and went straight to bed. hmm.

work up feeling super sleepy still. dunno why. i want to go back to tokyo.

yesterday was depressing. finally the big shots confirmed what we had expected. no Capcom in sg. sianz. and i dun want to be assigned a job in games, i am not a PROGRAMMER! i wan to go ahead with my own plans! so sad.... :(


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