Friday, May 12, 2006

1973: ご機嫌 Part 2

i am still in a good mood and it's after lunch .. hehe..

was thinking over why i felt so un-depressed today and i realised it was because i didn't have nightmares last night. in fact i had a great dream last night. i dreamt that i was already in tokyo ... having fun, shopping sightseeing etc. hohoho. (^-^)v and b4 i went to sleep last night, Ryo called from LA. a wonderful surprise! cos he nv called me b4 on his overseas trip of his own accord. and it was right after i sent him an email so it was realli coincidental because he has just woke up over there. hee hee hee... and only 3 more days b4 the money is in my acct. my pay i mean. and with the plans for the US trip coming along, another good thing to look forward to too.. and also the chance to be able to eat i am so happy! <- i think i haven't said that for a long time. hoho..

can't wait can't wait!

oh i'll be going to this Singaporean restaurant for lunch tomorrow.. check it out..
Sin Tong Kee
it looks quite good..


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