Wednesday, May 10, 2006

1070: Its hard work staying pretty in Japan

in view of the coming pay and the increment due to the strength of the S$ (i love singapore!!!), went on a shopping spree, hehehe.

i bought new shoes yesterday at Kobe..


after that trip to shinsaibashi, i was feeling the sense of despair that always hits me when i'm looking for shoes. my ugly long toes are always too long and sticks out of slip-ons, or are too tight in covered heels and become blistered badly. the length of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th toe are all about the same.. i think u can imagine how gross they look. besides that, my feet are too skinny. all the veins and bones sticking out when i arch my feet in heels (and visible and when i dun arch as well -.-) hence the hard time finding shoes that fit me AND look good. (T.T) but after the long search for 2 weeks, i finally found a perfect pair for now! yay! but i still have to find a pair for the wedding, something suitable for being a bridesmaid. darn.

wat else did i buy... hmm i bought underwear... at a Triumph sale i chanced upon that began today. its madness at sales, jap women are damn kiasu and fierce and rude. they push and jostle and grab at the underwear on display and rummage thru them like aunties at the market (?) and they buy underwear like there's no tomorrow. i see some women holding a bag of at least 10 bras etc. siao. and their sale is not that cheap. and jap underwear is all lacy i dunno why triumph dun have their normal maximizers and normal plain (non-lacy) underwear here. -.- but haha.. i wont show photos of those here. :p

bought a present for my team leader.. was his bday last week and sort of a thank you gift for showing me around this sat. dun really know wat to buy, he is pretty rich too. in the end i walked around and i think he said b4 he liked Paul Smith so i bought a coin pouch from Paul Smith for him. hmm .

of cos, i wandered around the cosmetics area of cos.. bought a moisturizing day cream.

Super Defense Moisturiser

been using the sample they gave me for some time le and it works great. so now i'm hooked... o.O and after taking a pict of this i realised.. that i am now a Clinique addict. look at the hoard i've amassed in the past 16 months:

Clinique whore

from left, top to bottom, back to front:
clarifying hydrating lotion , perfectly real liquid foundation, turnaround concentrate skin renewer, superdefense moisturiser, gentle light highlighting powder, concealer, lip gloss, take the day off makeup remover, repairwear intensive night cream, repairwear super intensive night cream, high impact mascara.

woohoo. wat a mouthful. jialat. i did not realise i had become so high maintenance. hehe .. and since i was taking pics of that.. i decided to take pics of all (i mean ALL) of the cosmetics i had bought myself the past 16 months as well:

Bobbi Brown cosmetics

bobbi brown cosmetics: eyeshadow essentials, dark purple eyeshadow, cheek bronzer

Stila travel gloss pack

Stila Lip gloss: limited 3-in-1 travel set


eyeshadow... : Bobbi Brown, Revlon, Maybelline, FF (by shiseido)

of cos, there has to be hair products oso....

Hair products

i think the one on the left is available in singapore.. From Left:
1. Free&Free Damage Aid - not bad but when the weather got dryer it didn't work on damaged ends anymore..
2. Wella Liquid Hair - this acts as a spray as well as a treatment pdt for the day
3. Lucidol Shining Water - suppose to make ur hair look sleek but oso treats and i been using this regularly recently cos it also acts as styling water
4. Wella Repair Essence - a godsend. i can't do without this damage repair product everyday, totally smoothens and softens the hair
5. Lucidol Pre-Curl Water - b4 u use the curling iron, u have to put this so that the hair will curl nicely without being damaged/dried out

and there's one more.. but now i seldom use.


after i permed my hair last month, i used this Lucidol "romantic styling" wax to scrunch every morning but its quite difficult to wash off. it works, i just am not used to the hair being stiff feeling? luckily my hair has loosened to the nice wavy curls liaoz heh.

haha this has become an recommendation post regarding beauty products..but yah., the clinique stuff really works. i tried body shop and other drug store brands here as well but they just didn't achieve results as quickly as the clinique stuff when my face started peeling due to the seasonal change from Summer to Autumn. so.. when i recommend it really is good lor!! u must believe me!! ;p

have to sleep le. Beauty sleep. hohoho..


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Holly bug squishing strappy heels!!!

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