Monday, May 15, 2006

1074: tokyo weekend

paiseh.. been in tokyo for the weekend so no updates until now.

It's been a taxing day, bad news since morning till now. granted, it was expected bad news, but the announcement of it just makes it very real. argh. feeling down now, in less than 2 months, this training will be over. this feeling is made all the more worse after the trip the past weekend. it was fun, these colleagues have become my friends, i don't want to say goodbye to them!

so the 4 of us (the 3 other people are colleagues from the tokyo office). we had Sg food, they enjoyed it, and we cracked alot of jokes, suan each other and just kept laughing and laughing. havent had such a good time for so long.

in the morning, i met Matsuzawa-san and he took me to Odaiba to the Fuji tV Building. hohooho..

Fuji TV Building (Side)

the whole day it was raining like mad.. so all the photos look very dull. bleahz. aniway.. i got my wish.. i am part of the SMAP studio set!


and i took a pic with this children's cartoon character. she is so cute and sometimes duh. but she's my favourite .. :)

& the fuji TV Mascot is soooo cute!
Fuji TV Mascot

of cos everything there was done with this character.. and this is my favourite pic of the whole place.

Toilet sign at Fuji TV

the men's toilet sign hahahahah... he looks like he's going to burst any minute.

we had sushi for lunch in Tsukiji. it was very very delicious.

Sushi menu at Tsukiji

abit ex but seriuosly fresh lor. had beer for lunch with sushi, a first for me. it got me abit drowsy.. but i managed to drink the whole thing up.

after that we went to Omotesando Hills, (表参道)one of the most affluent areas in Tokyo. (think jimmy choos, harry winston etc) its even more ex than the famous Roppongi Hills. it was still raining there at 4pm in the afternoon. as u can see in this photo...

matsuzawa-san on the phone

at the omotesando hills shopping mall, Mz-san intro us to this heavenly delicious icecream shop. Natural Beat or something. one plate 2 scoops 800 yen? hehe.. but doesn't it look great? tastes great oso..


after that we went to have dinner at the Singapore restaurant and thats basically the end of the day. haiz... i also received my first bouquet of flowers in Japan from them on saturday..


it was packed/arranged nicely in a box.. very very sweet lor... (T.T) very touched actually... will miss them alot alot..

Group Photo @ Sin Tong Kee

the group shot..

the 2nd day was a lonely day. it was drizzling when i woke up still, so i got dressed, lazed around abit to wait for the rain to stop. it was a super difficult task to pack all my shopping done from the day b4 to just 1 bag. but managed to do it aniway.. and i went to Shibuya to shop. i found a super big zara there! in the end i ended up taking silly pics in the changing room.. hahah

me in the changing room IMG_8643IMG_8637 IMG_8644IMG_8624

haha.. very boliao..

but anyway.. thats pretty much the whole trip..

more photos at Tokyo Weekend set in flickr..


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