Friday, May 19, 2006

1078 Yahoo Auctions

my eyes are about to close. i am having a super boring day at work & I'm glad its friday. dunno why, this week seems to be very long and tiring. just have no focus to do anything.

so i purchased a DS Lite for myself. on japan's yahoo auctions. there are so many people out to make a quick buck, by reselling their new stock for a profit. so all Nintendo is doing with this shortage is to let some consumers make more money. .... while others who really want to play are forced to fork out a higher price. like yours truly. i bought the Ice blue colour.. due to the abundance of free time, i looked for any availbility of the DS lite in online shops and i got the yahoo auctions instead. a full day of looking at auctions did me in. argh. but i managed to get it in the end, not too ex (in yen everything dun look too ex (T.T) ).

and yesterday i said i had a surprise but i didn't manage to take a pic yet so i'll post it tomorrow hopefully. heh.

i still have not managed to find any dress for the wedding. there is no bridesmaid customs in japan and my colleague say no one wears white at weddings except the bride so that no one upstages her. argh. so shops here dun really sell white semi-formal dresses.

i'm now refraining from buying games until i reach SG so that i can get the English versions. I saw that games in sg cost an avg of $50? and it sounds very ex to me. but here, we buy games for 4000 yen and we think its cheap. it sounds cheap doesnt it? when 4000 yen is actually bout $60-$70. hmmmm...

and i remembered i did not follow up on the crush thing. well. i think i dun have a crush anymore. after the day trip (& i am glad that so many people joined us in the end), i am closer to him as a friend but also see alot of irritating things about him. heh. so.. i'll stop with crushes and just enjoy friendship from now on.. :)


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