Sunday, May 21, 2006

1080: wedding nightmares

had a horrific nightmare last night.

i dreamt that i was back in sg for the wedding but i didn't know the venue, and i was just rushing around like a mad chicken. then i was wondering how come xinhuan didn't call me. and it was already evening and i was like oh no oh no where am i supposed to go!! even my jap boss knew where the venue was and was already there but no one wanted to tell me where i was supposed to go and i dunno why but i called xq. then his sis picked up the phone and told me he was in US not in sg. and after that i got so frustrated i woke up. -.-

and when i walked along the road today, a woman stopped me. i was wearing a t-shirt with a red peace sign and she was like "oh.. i support peace too!" and she started a strange conversation about how hiroshima and nagasaki was a mistake and peace should continue from now on without war. ....... interesting .. but a bit weird. i'm not really used to people stopping me to make random conversation on the streets. 

so i packed up last night whatever i wanted to bring home (mainly books) and guess wat. its just books only, not even any clothes and i weighed the luggage it was already 20KG. Ouch. so heavy!! how how! liddat i haven't put in my clothes and all yet! its terrible...

i dlded this show Grey's Anatomy, drama of hospital interns. very interesting and the lead is a 36 year old lady in real life who still can pass off as 20s.
wahhhhh! season 1 & 2 has already ended, i just finished watching season 1 here.. but all the other characters dun look very hot. but the content is not bad although after a while, i was beginning to feel like they were just chopping up meat on the kitchen counter when they were doing surgery. hmmm.. yah .. and almost all of the resident/attending doctors were having affairs with the interns as well. -.-


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