Saturday, May 20, 2006

1079 DS Lite again!

i received it today! hoho.. the DS Lite i mean..

Ice Blue DS Lite

Ice Blue!

opened up

Power button at the side

the power button has shifted to the right side instead compared to the old DS..

anyway.. US has announced launch on June 11.

and guess wat... the surprise! hoho.. will drag this as long as i can... guess wat this is...


hee hee.. catch part 2 and part 3 tomorrow...

i finally got the perfect dress for the wedding!! yay! was anticipating a long shopping trip today to search but i found it in the most girly shop possible. hohoh! its really sweet, halter ribbon with a bit of puffy chest area, and high-waisted. finally a relief...

now just to get ready for the trip bah.. yay..!


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