Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1082: Pac Man!

i got a pac man souvenir from E3 2006, courtesy of Ryo!

Pac Man Toy

damn cute right?

i have the evil blob from the game too but i haven't taken any pictures of it yet.. so more to come later.

all plans to USA have been put on hold. because plans between edb & capcom seems to have come to a standstill. there's no more time for any more discussions becos the boss is busy and he seems to have not allocated any time for this matter on his schedule liaoz. haiz. give up hope and just prepare for going home liao. we are just pawns in this stupid game between them.

oh .. and here's the 2nd pic of the surprise:

Vendome Aoyama box

a box. hehehe..

and yesterday, it was a rare occasion that all of us sg girls met together for dinner. very rare since dunno eons ago. i actually had leftover soup and did not plan on spending any money this week but haiz, for the good of relationships and all, i went and just chatted with them while i ate abit. went home and conked out at 11pm cos my nose was running again.

my stupid luigi & mario game came to a standstill when i tried to go backwards to get some part in the game and turns out that i went to save the game at a point where there was no proceeding nor going back. it was supposed to be an event spot, but the event had occurred b4 le so it didn't happen again and i was stuck there not able to move. damn off, cos i had to start the game ALL OVER AGAIN! (T.T) very off..

counting down to the wedding.. i wished that i would stop having nitemares about it though..


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