Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1083: super dulan

wat was supposed to be a fun get together with my colleagues turned out to be a "Let's attack Jocelyn" session.

one of them spouted some rubbish and obviously lies about some mysterious guy meeting me in the canteen (WTF? company canteen somemore?!) last year blah blah and i was like wat the shit u talking? the boss was there, the newcomers were there and my boss even asked me, "u had so many bfs in japan?" LIES ALL LIES!!! I was so pissed off. knn. what were you trying to do, make me look bad in front of everyone? i been having no social life in japan, being true to one person, coming home and stare at the tv and the PC everyday, and u say lies bout me being a flirt (ANOTHER WTF LIE!) (and this sounds an awful lot like it came from peiling last time who kept saying i flirt with robert just cos he was one of the only persons who actually asked me to go dinner after work together UNLIKE HER?) u think i will be dulan or not? since when u see with ur 2 eyes u see me flirt? no guy on the street here has even been entertained when trying to get my number, not like the rest who leave themselves open for old men to follow them and to talk to them by going to seedy places to drink.

then comes the 2nd round of attack. suddenly my hair and my makeup comes under attack. another one of the girls suddenly said my hair's too brown for work. i was thinking wtf? my boss said my hair's nice even! and who are u to talk when i dyed my hair black the whole last year and u had quite brown hair. and u too. and u. and what my atmosphere isn't matching with the office. you jealous u cannot wear jeans and sneakers to work ah? and wats with the persistent comment that my make up is not appropriate? ur gd fren has on thick make up everyday lor. what i have on is just basic foundation, light pink eyeshadow, mascara and no gloss even. if i find out who are the rumour mongers i will so cut their tongues out.


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