Thursday, May 25, 2006

1084: Over-reacting & travel prep

maybe i overreacted a little in my last post.

but wouldn't anyone get angry if some drunk bugger tells lies or outrageous untrue stories bout you in front of the boss? basically ruining the boss' impression of u?

i asked her that directly but its always ignored, or she pretends not to hear. it's ok. i noe who is the real culprit and spreader of lies. it's only one more month. i will not succumb to her stupid games again. May 2005 was a hellish month last year and it was her fault. this year, i shall be avoiding her mind games.

on a lighter note, (heavier>>>>>?) my luggage is currently 19.3Kg. i better list down the things i have to pack still... from head to toe first i guess:

- shampoo, conditioner, repair essence, curling water, curling iron, styling spray?
- makeup (have to remember to trim eyebrow tonite) / perfume -> all travel sizes..
- nail polish (have to buff all my nails tonite oso, both hands and legs!)
- erh i guess i better rem to shave legs too then -.- and to bring the razor as well.. darn..
- contacts case and solution
- toothbrush? (or buy new one in sg. )
- more clothes. (oh no i have to do laundry tonight....)
- specs. (i forgot to bring specs when i travelled once and it was a torture. nope, i do not have a spare pair at home.)
- laptop & power cable
- PSP and power
- wallet (must rem to withdraw money today oso!)
- rice cooker.... (haven pack into box even...)
- buy the goodies for family from Hankyu

i can't think of anything else. anything else i missed out???

i still need a small whitish purse/handbag for the wedding.. dun have anything nice for that purpose.. the prada bag abit dirty and its suede too.. not really suitable.. how how how? maybe will go take a look today. argh. so mafan.


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