Thursday, June 01, 2006

1089 SMAP handover

i handed over all my smap magazines yesterday. to Jaclyn.. hehe.

met her yesterday at Thai express city hall for lunch and we caught up after a long half year. heh. this half year since she came back has gone by very very fast. still easy to talk bout problems with her and we talked about why people wanna come to sg to stay for long term when there are so much more opportunities out there. like after we've stayed overseas for a while, you will begin to feel that although life is good here, there are oso much more other things to be enjoyed outside here. much more things to widen ur horizon, to see and to experience. this would be a great place to return to after a long trip. but not before i've seen the world. sooo.. i still dun understand why foreigners from caucasian countries would choose to live and work here save for the stability.

we had an enjoyable lunch and after that i wandered around Funan. wanted to look at the selection of english game titles available but apparently, only 3 shops were open in the game side of Funan's level. maybe cos the IT show's starting today and they all went to prepare for it. but there wasn't much interesting titles and the price didn't seem that appealing. it's weird how 5000yen doesnt seem so expensive after so long while $50 feels like its a whole lot of money to be spending on a game. hmm. and i had thought i had just lost one of my Nintendo game cartridges so i was feeling really depressed and i didn't have any mood to buy any more games. (T.T) so i just headed home.. and managed to get sunburnt on the way home. hah. quite kua1 zhang1 but its true. perhaps due to the fact that i had been out of the sun for so long bah. and i played Katamari on the busride home. the sun was so hot and the bus ride was so bumpy that i actually felt nauseaus and bus sick at the end of the ride that it was all i could do not to puke. i quickly stood up to press the bell and tap my EZlink and just tried to stand still and think zen thoughts so that i could suppress the nausea. luckily, it worked. (=.=)

and my mom cooked my favourite salted veg with duck meat soup yesterday! yay! ate until i actually felt bloated. hah.


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