Monday, May 29, 2006

1087: food fest

okie.. i better remember wat i ate liaoz these past 2 days :
1. hum
2. rice dumplings
3. chicken rice
4. seafood / chilli crab
5. wedding dinner food

not alot hor. and dun look very much like things i been craving for. only chicken rice and hum actually hehe. things i still die die must eat:
1. simply thai tom yam noodles
2. sambal marinara at Pasta cafe
3. Thai express -> with jaclyn on wed for lunch
4. curry fish head
5. hor fun -> maybe supper. get dad to buy
6. duck rice -> lunch on when?? hmmmmm..
7. duck soup with salted veg. <-- where?! better remind my mum..
6. genghis khan oysters. heh..must eat as much as i can b4 i go back to a place without cheaper oysters.

walked around with my sis today, mainly taka. i had many things in mind that i wanted to buy but it turns out that i actually didn't need those things or else i couldn't get them le. Prescriptives magic powder was wat i wanted but apparently, prescriptives closed down liao. i wanted to get a new phone and start signing the 2 year plan so that start early end early but didn't see any phone i liked at all. hmm. but then my sis is supposed to buy a phone she likes first.. hmm. any phone recommendations? i look at all the phones and i don't feel any excitement for them unlike in the past liao. and i changed money at lucky plaza today, the exchange rates really very lousy for yen :( but at least my singapore bank accts are not empty again. hah. went to kinokuniya and saw many books i wanted to read but bu4 she3 de2 mai3. abit off. i think i am back to the sg mindset again, sg prices are low but feels ex. heh.

i received my ds lite charger from playasia! now i can play whole heartedly without worrying if my DS will run out of batt.. :p


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