Wednesday, May 31, 2006

1088: food woes

went to bugis area today.

was supposed to meet edwin at 3+ today but when i was already on my way out, he told me he can oni meet at 5+. argh, 2 hours diff, wat was i supposed to do??

i walked around sim lim for a while. got a new network adaptor, all because we lost the installation disk to the old one at home. ouch. had wanted to buy a webcam for Ryo but i didn't really know which to choose from and i didn't buy in the end. hah. there was a bit of a scare when i forgot my PIN number to my Atm Card and i ran all the way to the bank at Fu Lu Shou Complex but they could only tell me to call the card centre. luckily, i tried the other numbers i remembered and it worked. phew. else no more cash for the next week.

drats. i'm falling asleep as i blog. finish this tomorrow. tata.


edit: 8.33am

ok.. to continue. i managed to remember my PIN, phew.. then i went to Bugis Junction and had wanted to go Kino but they were doing stock-take. (T.T)no place to go for the next 2 hours!!! so i wandered around Bugis, saw nothing that interested me and decided to sit in Simply thai and get my tom yam noodles. i dunno wats wrong with me, but i couldn't finish it. it didnt taste as great anymore. i couldn't finish it. :(

so i sat there for an hour plus. staring into space. thinking bout wat i needed to do still in the remaining time.

when i finished, i got up and when to Orchard at 4pm where i was supposed to meet edwin. wandered around and lucky, kino there wasnt doing stock-take. heh. walked around reading picture books with funny poems (like Tim Burton's The Story of Oyster Boy) and i was so tempted to buy books but i decided to go to the library to curb the seductions of the books. when i reached the library, it was bout 5pm and there was no word from edwin yet so i was thinking i would leave at 6pm if still nothing. i would admit, i was kinda pissed off at him for being so late since i had been very much looking forward to meeting up with him after so long. :(

luckily he did turn up. (=^-^=)

we had dinner at the pasta cafe and i intro-ed him to the Sambal Marinara. like the tom yam noodles, much of my old preference for this dish had suddenly without reason, thinned. and i couldn't finish the dish. (T.T) it was a weird feeling. i got to meet his best fren in the midst of dinner though. heard alot bout him b4 and finally got to put a face to the name. :)

after that, we caught the Yoyo champion Yohan(?) at the Taka square and he was really pretty amazing with the tricks. i had never seen the yoyo tricks b4 so it was a major eye-opener. so fast and so cool but i didn't really see the point. haha. the yohan thing reminded me of matsuzawa-san buying the Coca Cola yoyos in odaiba. wonder if he can do any tricks now. heh.

there's a really cool chill-out roof-top bar that oversees jubilee Hall (raffles hotel) at Odeon towers. we went there for drinks after dinner & i must say, my alcohol tolerance was almost zero. had a martini and felt giddy liaoz. then i had a beer and i kept on yawning and yawning. :( so weak!! by 11pm i could barely stay awake and i opted to go home. :x paiseh winni dear, it was a great evening and thanks for the dinner and drinks. i still dunno why i was so tired. but thank you thank you. missed u alot in Japan heh.. and so it's always one of the highlights of my holidays when i meet up with u (^-^) see u again when i come back ok?

and my night ends at midnite.


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