Thursday, June 01, 2006

1090: of chance meetings

i updated my photo albums.. all old ones though, cos i'm repairing the comp and i am uploading all the old photos in case of the demise of my comp. so here they are:
- Tokyo 2003 : the full 400+ photos hehe
- Before Japan : i uploaded alot alot more pics from dec 2004 when i first bought the Ixus 40
- Sixoneders : alot of photos from when i was in Uni and the guys were in army. heh.

this photo was taken the last outing with the sixone boys b4 i left for japan, at zhiwen"s house

zw, ha, wl, guan, joc, cy, sl, hl, bay

some of these same sweet guys came to the airport to send me off to Japan as well.


and today i ran into weilun as he was knocking off from work at taka~~~ (leftmost guy) wat are the chances!? keke..

i met weilun by accident today! so happy that i think it deserves a mention haha.. because i was walking around orchard alone when i met him.. hehehe.. so he accompanied me to Sasa and to do some window shopping. and we took bus to clementi together. luckily i ran into him, can jio him for dinner for tomorrow nite. heh.

xinhuan came to my house for lunch today. first time as a married woman. wahahaha! we had a long chat over lunch.. catching up on her post wedding feelings and happenings. looked thru the papers and it was unfortunate the skies turned dark when i was finally ready to leave the house. so we braved the rains and took a cab outside the estate to orchard and bought tix to She's the Man. had an hour b4 the movie so we went Yess! and xinhuan went in for a haircut while i just sat beside her and read magazines. she still was considered a student -.- and got a 30% off . ok la. it was pretty cheap for a haircut. but where do i find a student pass!? grr.

the movie was sooo funny!! granted, its a teen flick. and Amanda Byrnes is totally unconvincing (and quite ugly) as a guy, but the lead actor Channing Tatum <- very weird name is sooooo cute!! haha. i actually felt like a teenager again, think it was partly cos i was watching with xinhuan. hehe. dunno how long its been since we watched a movie together. since our teenage days?? hee hee... and we giggled our way through, watching the cute guys in the movie, watching them do their fabulous stunts, and watching the puppy love on screen and getting soft and gooey in my heart. hehe.. yesh, i am a romantic at heart, cannot meh??

after the movie, we shopped abit b4 she had to meet her hubby for dinner.. (poor me, all single still) and i wandered around abit b4 bumping into weilun. hehe.

food tally:
- leftover salted vege soup
- curry fish head (^-^)v

wats left.... oh. duck rice. and my oysters. hmmmmm. kinda difficult liaoz. tomorrow friday le.


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