Sunday, June 04, 2006

1093: i'm Alive!!

luckily my twitching eyelids proved to be a faux pas. heh. i dozed off in the plane after watching the ending of Forrest Gump at about 1am, with my face forward in the pillow which i had placed on the table. it was totally uncomfortable because the bugger in front had reclined his seat causing my head to be poking into the back of his seat. even so, i managed to catch about 4 hours of sleep, waking up at 5+am to see the sunrise from one of the windows. unfortunately, i was in a central aisle seat, so i couldn't take a pic.(T.T)

reached osaka at 7.20am, the customs area was empty and efficient, i managed to clear out of the place by 7.40am. with some luck, the limo bus was right there waiting and i got on to the bus almost immediately and was snoring away on the comfortable seat in no time at all. (=^-^=)

some highlights from the past week, i finally uploaded the photos:

the wedding:


the bride & me in the day


while she waited for her groom to rescue her..


and the kiss... awwwwww....

and in the evening:

me & mingjie

me & mingjie at the dinner


all of us bridesmaids and groomsmen

not much time to take photos as i was doing the work .. :p

am suffering from flu still so i shall go sleep now..


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