Saturday, June 10, 2006

1099: World Cup Party

we kicked off the start of the world cup with a Pre-match DS party. :p

armed with our DS, we met up in Hongsing's room and played matches of our own, bomberman, Tetris, Meteos and of cos Mario Kart. they are great Multiplayer games!! so fun!! and i proved to be a winner in Meteos (^-^)v . didn't do so well in mario Kart though, and surprisingly, me, the lousiest person in the world at bomberman, managed to win twice! woohoo! and tetris JL is gooood. hmmmm weird sia. but anihow, it was quite fun. Ryo who was supposed to at least come when the match starts, didnt turn up til the end. at nearly 3am?! -.- was quite mad at him for a while but i was too sleepy to stay mad. apparently there are some problems with his car. again. haiz.

today is england vs Paraguay. who will win?


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