Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1102: commercial break!

apologise for the fact that all i been blogging about has been the world cup lately.. but because i been putting down bets with my fren, hence thats on my mind 24-7.

okok.. enuff with the world cup stuff. what has happened to me for the past few days?

after i came back from singapore, my cold was still on-going and i just couldn't seem to get enough rest despite sleeping at about 12midnight everyday? i just woke up feeling dead tired, and went to work like a zombie and on the way home from work at about 6.30pm, i would be already yawning like mad. why huh?

over the weekend, had uncountable disagreements with Ryo. first was regarding holiday plans. he had said last time that he would be ok this month after the Shareholders' meeting to go on trips with me. and expectedly, he bailed on me regarding that when i asked him if he could take a few day's leave at the end of this month and said it would be difficult. PUI! if cannot go should have said earlier, i won't waste time doing research liao mah. so i got angry and said if cannot go then we don't go anywhere liao la.

next argument not long after that. he been nua-ing around the whole day just watching tv and because i was mad at him about the travel thing, i walked around packing his stuff. so that he could remove them and bring them home. was thinking how do i noe wat to pack and wat to leave with him when i don't even know his plans. asked him to plan out at least wats going to happen for the next half year, he took like eons to think. and he looked like he was falling asleep lor. wah lau! everytime talking about important stuff he fall asleep on me, how to not get angry!? after ages of silence and me getting increasingly pissed off every minute, he finally wrote down his plans. which was very vague and did not tell me anything. i got fed up, told him no need to think liao, since this matter seemed so trivial to him, i'll just pack up everything and go home and not come back again!! then he just agreed, and i was like (T.T) he dun care if i leave and never come back! boohooo!! got so mad after that i ignored him until evening time. grrrr...

then on sunday, he broke his promise about something important again. haiz. sad. all he seems to be is a bunch of disappointments. even though i already expected the disappointments after his track record so far, the disappointments still sting nevertheless. haiz. got mad, cold war, and i said to just be normal frens when we go back unless he can be more concrete. my life is not a waiting game!! waiting for people my whole life is not what i want to do. i wan my life to go as my plans!!

argh. so we had cold war, like 2 strangers we went out, feel so weird. me teary, him bochup, so awkward. think the restaurant person must be wondering why we silent the whole meal. things became better when we went to yodobashi and was looking at games. -.- i guess having someone who gets excited about games as much as u is very important in my relationship. except it would be better when the person dun make me angry all the time. haiz. after that, he himself suggested looking at handphones. buying mic etc, so i guess its his way of saying he wanted to continue with things. -.- i just went along lor. sat at the cafe awhile playing games and later went back for dinner that i was supposed to cook.

things went well until after dinner. he said i was a 駄目な人 (da me na hito), something like CMI but in harsher tones. Something we were talking about because he was buying a $80 umbrella and i was saying its a waste of money and people might steal it lor. haiz. that hurt. ok lor. it was cold war again until the next day.

Monday, he didn't contact me until i msged him, i met him at the airport and i tried to talk to him on the bus but all i got was silence. ok lor. i already said sorry and u still chose to ignore me for things that u were in the wrong for? KNS. i was really losing my patience with this baffoon. so we had a silent dinner. u dont talk i also dont talk lor. in the end, he started asking small stuff, i gave short answers, and things became better. still cold. but better. haiz.

i dunno how things will turn out. this last month is damn stressful for me.


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