Thursday, June 15, 2006

1105: wriggling out of the hole

did he wriggle out? he squirmed out.

he told me he had work when he had promised to watch the opening match with me so i had waited. and waited. and when i called he said he was at work. and turns out that he had actually left early that day and had drinking until late with his colleagues and had turned up at 2-3 am when the match was already over. he had lied to me he had work and i had believed him. how stupid was i. i couldn't stop crying and i just cried and cried and cried. luckily there was yaohui online and he tried to console me. a good fren. (T.T) and i thought of how i had waited stupidly alone in my room, while the other trainees had invited me to join them for the match and he had said he dun wan to watch with them so i had waited alone in my room for him. and yet he didn't show up. a jerk or wat?


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