Wednesday, June 21, 2006

1109: Mexican Food

guess wat.

quarrel again. 喧嘩 it is called. prounounced as "ken-ka". he still can't decide. selfish ass. am i suppose to leave everything in limbo for him? last night was one of the rare times that i was wholeheartedly thinking i hate this guy, hate him for doing this to me, for lying to me, for making empty promises, for making me wait, for taking me for granted and for making me become this weakling.


yah i had that i love you post but that was in case i died. since now i am confirmed alive and things do change everyday, i take that back. I HATE YOU.

ok. i want to write about the farewell dinner last night but i am still feeling very unhappy from the above section. lemme try to blog bout happier things.


i cant think of anything happy. the quarrel lasted until 4am+ which sucked and i couldn't wake up this morning. i hate work. so my head is still achy and my eyes are barely open and here i am, looking for a listening ear.

OK. the dinner.

we had dinner at this mexican place Chico's & Charlie's last night. it has a branch in Sg too apparently. my first farewell party. even though this was with people i barely spoke to at work. it was also with people not from Japan. the US localising people, the marketing side a guy from London, and a girl from US but was born in Taiwan. haha. so we all happily spoke english, chatted n it was pretty cool. first time i had mexican food. real ones, not just at taco bell or nachos at the cinema. hah.

yupz. it was delicious.

so here are the photos.
most of these people you would not have seen b4.

Seon, Ben, me, David, Weiyi

the localising guys (from US) and seon (the darker one) from London


peiling and the taiwan lady, the other girl grew up in Germany until her uni days in japan.

me ben

me and ben here, he's frowning in all the pictures and acting cooL -.-

Jiun Lih me Ben Seon

oh, except in this picture. hmm. i think this is the first shot i've shown with me wearing the specs i bought in Japan. i look kinda weird don't you think? and Jiun lih jumped into the picture here. -.-

and lastly, to disgust u, here are my leftovers.

leftover taco

i am still in a horrible mood, by the way.


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