Sunday, June 18, 2006

1107: KTV queen

well. friday was a day spent pining for the weekend to come. had nothing on friday nite just packing up my room. to a more decent state for the caretakers to check on saturday morning. dumped many magazines, many bottles, packed up many souvenirs and i have like 3 Huge cartons of stuff liao the room finally looks spacious and manageable but i think it looks like i haven't really packed up much yet..

so friday nite. i packed till 1 am, made a bit of money from the Argentina 6-0 match. heh. but -.- the next match.. next next i think. mexico. haiz....

yesterday Ryo came back from his bizness trip and we were looking around for new phones and his fren suddenly messaged him to show up at the dinner with some games. and we were like thinking "huh? dinner not tomorrow meh?" turns out we had both remembered wrongly. and suayly, it was raining torrents yesterday, and his car was out of order so we had to rush back to my room to get my food presents and we braved the rain and took the train to their place.

dinner was fun as always, the kids wrote me a farewell letter. (T.T)so sweet! they said don't forget about them and come back to Japan soon. awwwww.... and it begins. argh. and they took a full photo with me and everyone and went off to develop it so that they could give it to me in a frame on the spot. haiz. very touched. i will definitely miss them. they talked bout having a hong kong trip in august and if i could make it, i should join them from singapore. i would, and i want to! then we had DS mario kart with everyone struggling to get 1st place (i am of cos the champion wahhaha! ) (^-^)v

and they drove us back but talk of going to the KTV came up and we really went. until 4am. dead beat but it was very fun. haha. they sang alot of kids' songs cos got babies there hehe.. and the atmosphere was good lor. and they acted damn funny for people who's over 30. hehe. yah

then today.. woke up at 10.30am . can't believe it. heh. then we confirmed our 4-day trip to 九州 today. booked it, rental car and plane ticket packages and i guess its our last trip together in japan until dunno when liao.



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