Monday, June 19, 2006

1108: Japan vs Croatia

i can say truly that the players (except the goalkeeper) where the Japanese players gave nearly 100% of their effort. and it was just to not concede any goals. yesterday's game of Japan Vs Croatia, it was very one-sided. poor japan was defending like 70% of the time and it was heartstopping everytime when the ball neared the Japan side goal. the commentators didn't help either. they were super dramatic and kancheong. but then of cos, this was their home country, it was all the more heartstopping due to the fumbling of the goalkeeper. he seemed to be having butterfingers. he was supposed to collect a goal from his defenders after an out and he missed the catch and the ball rolled past him. shocked to say the least, and the ball continued to roll towards the goal while everyone watched in disbelief. Thank god, the ball's path was just wide of the goal post and went out for a corner to the Croatians. -.-


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