Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1112: i m back from tokyo people!

i love tokyo!!!

everytime i go, i come back with the same feeling.


for the clueless.. i went to tokyo last weekend. Ryo had bizness trip on monday so he asked me to go with him on sat to have dinner with his frens and cousin over the weekend. it was pretty fun (compared to the last time when i went alone)

i was the one planning the whole program so it was once again... tiring. spent the whole friday printing out schedules, maps, getting tickets.. planning train routes.

on saturday morning... set out at 6.30am.. for a 8.25am flight. o.O napped on the plane and reached there at bout 9.30am and we headed straight to Yasukuni shrine. i wanted to see wat the fuss was about, after the press had blown up the matter so big that it affected international relations but to me, i only saw a normal shrine. there was a exhibition hall with a re-built kamikaze planes.

some pics of the place:

yasukuni shrine

the entrance of the shrine. the place already looks huge from here.

Yasukuni in Japanese

the name of Yasukuni in japanese kanji


the front "garden"? we had to walk this long stretch b4 reaching the shrine's prayer quarters

a famous general

there was a statue of the minister of war, Omura for the Meiji restoration period.

The shrine

the main altar

Kamikaze planes

and the planes used in WWII

after the Yasukuni visit, we went to Tokyo Dome area for lunch.

tokyo dome

its been 3 years since i've been there and the place still looks as majestic.. and the roller coaster still looks as scary as ever.

Roller Coaster at La qua

That's about it for the first day, after that we went to hmm... FCUK sale at Omotesando! 40% off everything.. was so happy ^^ and after an hour plus of browsing, people watching at the harajuku area, we went to his friend's place in Chiba. he had a great apartment near the sea. argh.

hmm the next day... we had great plans of going Asakusa, odaiba etc. but we woke up too late.. we had breakfast at Starbucks :
IMG_9006 IMG_9005

my strawberry & cream frappucino & his caffe latte. ^^

we headed down to Ginza after that and it was pedestrian heaven day!!


Roadblocks were set up on the main shopping streets for people to walk about freely and cars to not pass through and it was great!! even the dogs were having their own dog heaven..


and we went to a maid cafe in the evening. french maid uniforms and the waitresses called u "master..." hehe.. unfortunately no photographing were allowed inside..


if you want to go.. u can use this pamphlet to help u :p

Merry Heart's brochure

i guess the pic gives u a pretty good idea of wat the girls are dressed in. most people went in for the novelty, but some were real perverts. the way they looked at the girls. it was disgusting lor. -.- but yah.. not a good place for a date, good place for a guys' outing.. ^-^

3rd day, went for farewell lunch at shinjuku with my colleagues in the tokyo office. 54F, Mitsui building, Heichin-lou and its a chinese restaurant..

me, Nagakita-san

this lady organised the lunch. ^-^

unfortunately, the group shot was badly taken (T.T)

group shot 1

as u can see.. it is too dark. argh

after that. headed to Ghibli Museum.. I think u all know about Ghibli studios? the studios that came up with Howl's Moving Castle.

Ghibli Bus

there was a Ghibli bus to take us to the museum. it was yet another place where photography was not allowed. (T.T)

and thats pretty much the end of the trip.

and my souvenirs! i bought a set of soft toys for him and me..

presenting Gaspard and Lisa :

he's supposed to keep Lisa (to remember me) and me to keep Gaspard and when we reunite, the little dogs will be united again. awwwwww....


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