Friday, June 23, 2006

1111: & the dreams end

I woke up at 5.00am today to catch the 2nd half of Japan vs brazil. the first time in world cup history the 2 teams had clashed. (usually becos japan didnt manage to make it to the later rounds to had the chance to get to meet them -.-) but at the half-time mark, it was 1-1. it was a draw and they still had a chance. unfortunately, i had to watch them concede another 3 goals in that half and when the 2nd goal went in by Gilberto (i think>?) u could see the hopes dashed in their faces. there was little chance of bouncing back unless they could score 2 goals in the next 20 min and there was little confidence. did we say ronaldo was fat? i guess his last goal is a smack back at our faces for saying that. (T.T) well, at least the Japan team was the only team in the group to have scored a goal against the Brazilians. despite finishing last of the group (Australia drew with Croatia), this match was a good effort. their goal was much above expectations and watching the replay, i couldn't help but feel proud. the scorer was the youngest player in the Japan team, and this was his first world cup. perhaps we can hope for greater things to come from him.his goal probably gave them the motivation to even try to beat the world champions, for the Japanese fans to see the glimmer of hope that they could maybe, just maybe get to the next round with any miracle.

well. that'S that. i guess. good attempt to hold out at the end, but the first mistake to the australia already fixed the outcome of the group matches for the japanese. haiz. train hard and we'll see you in South Africa, 2010.


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