Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1113: guess what?

guess what? the person i had thought who was waiting had stopped waiting.

and he deleted his blog because i said "i guess this means you are not waiting anymore". am i right to feel a little mad? i guess i'm mad that he had not bothered to tell me he got attached. so that i wouldn't even bother to check in on how he's doing anymore. you want me to be out of your life then so be it. sad? a little i guess. his words always come into my mind during bad times here and i'll be pushing them to the back of my head, determined to prove him wrong. yes i do regret hurting him, but if it made him stronger (like now) why not? i guess i always was just waiting for another letdown. as it had always been.

oh well. i guess its just karma then. if people are afraid of secrets being revealed in their blogs, why do they bother to write?

on to other things.

today 3 issues of TV Guides came out with kimura Takuya on the front cover! woooohooOO!! bonanza for the fans, and they are doing a special remake or update of the drama series Hero. yay!!! and i also read that this year's SMAP concert will be held from 30th July onwards. (-.-) jaclyn!!! if you see this and u balloted for tickets, please count me in!!!!! Please please please!!! argh, why now!!

finally began work on the scrap book last night. yah, i know, its kinda late, and i plan to give him this weekend. -.- but tomorrow i have a holiday and i think the hardest part is picking the photos to print out from this whole year. should i print photos of me, photos of him, photos of us or photos of scenery?? and i realised they have this function where u can print 2 photos on 1 piece of L-sized photo paper so that each photo becomes the size of a credit card. hoho. with a border somemore, totally fits my idea of getting the photo to look like a polaroid. hoho^^

i dunno wats wrong with me but my left side of the jaw been hurting since friday. it hurts so bad i can only open my mouth at most 4cm wide and its not the teeth its the bone area. its even affecting the area near my ear. such that there is throbbing pain when my mouth is closed. anyone knows what's going on? i tot it might be wisdom teeth but no pain in my gums or wat, its the bone area that hurts. i better go see a doc..


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