Thursday, July 06, 2006

1118: pro peace

so i've finally seen one of the sites of the atomic bombing. and it did not make me feel good that that was the key to WWII ending. the damage and the destruction it caused, with so much innocent civilians dying without any warning at all, how could it even be the least be justified by saying it will reduce millions more of people who will suffer due to war?

the death toll was of course staggering. but the immediate destruction was horrifying. it was so so so hot people died of thirst while still suffering from terrible wounds, lost limbs. i am definitely pro-peace from now onwards, if i was undecided before.

epicentre of bombing

this non-descript memorial marks the epicenter of the atomic bombing, the exact point where the bomb was dropped on and landed. the concentric circles around it showed how the effects of the bomb spread outwards. argh.. and there were kids swimming in the stream barely 100m away from it. at the point of explosion. 11.02am. most of the clocks stopped with the immediate impact of the bomb.

i felt very teary and very sorry for these children who didn't know what hit them.. let's not have any more wars shall we...


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