Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1116: Volcano Craters

in fukuoka now (福岡) something like the Tokyo area of Kyushu.. with the city and the bright lights and the happening places. had delicious もつ鍋 for dinner last night (motsu nabe) which is like ... intestinal soup? for those who love kuay chup, this is a must try, but i like it more korean style, ala chige soup.

we went to see 阿蘇 volcano yesterday but the whole place was sooooo foggy we could barely see the person next to us. according to the sg visibility standards, visibility was about 10m or less. we were crawling down the mountain at a snail's pace (10km/h) with headlights on, hoping not to bump into any other car. dangerous shite..

ok have to rush off for breakfast liaoz.. will show pics of the fog and the supposed volcano crater later. hehe..


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