Sunday, July 09, 2006

1120: finally over

it's finally over. the packing i mean.

after a night of intensive and endless packing, i finally managed to move to his place in 2 car trips stuff to leave with him and this morning i barely was in time for the luggage collection at 3pm in the afternoon. after 3pm, it was just gathering and throwing of rubbish in 3-4 trips to the rubbish dump. and now, all i have left is to mail back the Yahoo modem and to clear the fridge (by mailing back all the sauces tomorrow morning) and i'm set to go.

he came over to help pack and he ruthlessly dumped my stuff . i too am a hoarder, like my sis, lots of expired food that i couldn'T bear to eat but bought cos i craved them. argh.

i went to hiroshima on saturday and i managed to touch the famous Torii at Miyajima. it was low tide and we could walk all the way to the torii. the shrine that it was gate to was built in the sea and after it was ravaged by last year's typhoons, it had to undergo much repairs.

and i got molested by a deer. argh.

a female one no less. lesbian i am not. grrr.

and the shrine that was built on the sea..

and of cos the torii in its full glory..

pity the weather was so gloomy that day.

well at this time tomorrow, i'll be back in my house and missing ryo. *sighz*


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