Tuesday, July 11, 2006

1121: good bye japan

i m back. for good. in sg.

i miss the multifunctional toilets, the super super super nice shop people, the keeping to one side rule of the elevators and the fashionable people walking around.

yesterday was a mad rush.

on sunday, i packed until 3pm just in time for the luggage to be sent to the airport, spent the rest of the day throwing away garbage, and then had dinner with his bro's family b4 spending the nite at his place. i had sold my tv and shelves for 20000 yen, which was pretty good by any standards,and there was only all the small things left around.

so i came back home on monday morning, after a teary goodbye to him on the train, got ready to mail off my modem, and i realised my bad was too full and i can't finish packing . argh!! rushed to the post office and posted the left over stuff (quite gross though) and i had wanted to go develop photos but there was no time liaoz. rushed out of the dorm after returning my keys, got to the office in time for lunch with my colleagues. argh. at least the rushing didn't give me time to think much.

after lunch, had time to spare, so i went back to the 8th floor. and he was there still and i spoke to him a little, and other colleagues and finally went off with Maya to the airport.

at the airport:

everyone except hongsing was there liao. haha. no one from my team came to send me off, kana/maya were there though. when hongsing finally arrived with alot of luggage, we checked in, 22 pieces of things -.- and it was 400KG?? haha.. the airport personnel was kind enuff to let us off a little, but it was abit too heavy..i guess. after checking in (took us a full half hour with negotiation and for them to label our stuff properly) had waffles and drinks at the cafe with maya/kana at the airport. and when it was really time to go in, i started crying again. and maya too. AHHHHH!H!!! (T.T)

its weird how u dunno u realli are frens with the person until the moment u have to leave. i noe i'll see them again, but i dunno why i just cant help crying. i come back and i feel realli empty now, dunno why, just that probably i'm used to having them there. around, somewhere.

the plane was delayed for an hour in take-off, which was a little freaky but it finally took off at 5.30pm, and we encountered alot of turbulence during the flight. bad turbulence. very.. movie like? abit frightened, but i've arrived safely as u can see. haha.

so now, me zoboing in my house. i hate packing and i hate to unpack. argh. mafan--- should let my beautiful packed boxes stay packed until i have to leave sg in future again mah . grrr/


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