Saturday, July 15, 2006


我慢:がまん(ga-man) meaning tolerance

i finally heard his voice after 4 days this week and i dunno why i burst into tears. and i just couldnt stop sobbing until at least 5 minutes later. (T.T) liddat.. how to last 2 years..? i cant last one week without breaking down even. argh. and i just cried and cried until i felt better. i guess the failure thing attributed to it and oso the loneliness bah. haiz.

even the trainees, all seems to have gotten their lives on track. they got job offers le, which leaves.. only me.. and decent paying one too. . What the hell is EDB doing??

ok la. not in the best of moods, tot edwin was supposed to meet me tomorrow as he said on the phone after his convocation "ok lor, we meet on sunday, u go see wat u wanna do lor" and i went to check the movies and asked him "want to want Just my Luck" like the next day and he seemed to have forgotten all about wat he said and he replied mE "Sorry this week very busy" . wow. dunno wat to say but i am disappointed that the wind changed so fast. if i nv msged him about the plans means i would still have thought the program is on for sunday lor? haiz.

i watched pirates the day b4 with xinhuan. it was ok funny but the fight scene was toooo draggy. and the ending. its too much of a cliff hanger. -.- did anything happen with davy jones after the EAst india got his archilles' heel?! i wan to know!! wat a stupid ending. grr.

i still wan to watch Just mY lUck and Superman. where"s everyone?!


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