Tuesday, July 18, 2006

千百三十:ramblings about Kimura Takuya

fed up of the stupid wireless network at home.

having no cash and no company to go out with and wander the streets, i am at home 24-7 online and having no life. so all i do online is look for cheap air tix to fulfil my dreams of returning to Japan asap. can't wait for the eDB briefing tomorrow so that i can get on with my life (after wacking them on the head for the lack of communication so far). sian sian sian. and the wireless signals choose to go on and off on my laptop. until i got fed up and used an external wireless card instead.

i am alone at home again. i finished watching Long Vacation last nite and i must declare it my 2nd favourite Kimura Takuya show. oh the sexy man. yummy!! *drools..* yah abit late, but at least i've properly watched and understood the whole show now right? i dun really like to watch shows that i dun understand the language of. the original flavour is just not there when u read the subs or there are voice-overs. they just sound so.. forced? like most english movies are in jap voice-overs in Japan, and they sound weird. a caucasian spouting jap in an oriental voice? heheh.. i just can't stand it. trying to watch Love Generation but .. its a little dry. hmm. maybe i've had enuff of dramas for now.

i just found a very very cool kimura takuya wallpaper.

very cool hor?! just looking at his pics on the laptop i can smile ear-to-ear and maybe start blushing if i see a pic of him smiling. hoho. a mad fan's rantings here.. hehe


Blogger Diane T-H said...

What is your first favorite Kimutaku jdorama? I think Long Vacation ties with Virgin Road as my all-time favorite jdorama.

10:23 am GMT+8  

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