Saturday, July 22, 2006



Warning: Pictures that follow are likely to give u a nose bleed and those with weak hearts and full blooded males are strongly advised against reading the following. The author does not take any responsibility should any body fluids, including blood from ur nose, dirty your PC monitor. or keyboard.

in case u dunno who Koda Kumi is, she's a famous singer in Japan. up and coming in other parts of asia, but definitely famous in Japan. her concerts are famous for their costume changes, abit like anita mui, or sammi cheng, but her clothes definitely show alot more skin than our hong Kong stars. here's one of the cover from her albums. hot isnt it?

Her Profile:
DOB: 1982-11-13
DebuT: 2000
Blood Type: A

this was a pic of her in a anime convention.. all the otakus must have nose bled/drooled puddles there..

another album cover (someday boys love girls)

now what about this?

a scene from one of her mtvs

another sexy shot.

provocative sia.... turns on not only the men but oso the girls .. (#^-^#)

i introduced her today cos i was in Kino Bookstore with hawx and we were looking at the 写真books of the jap girls and there were some of famous people like Ueto Aya and i was reminded of Koda Kumi who was always on the tabloids for her almost nude costumes and i showed him. unfortunately, there was only one TV guide showing her on the cover, with something not that provocative, so i decided to gather all these pics to show him who she was. hehe.

didnt do much today, i finally mailed off the mini-sd-card to ryo and all the photos as well. the whole little envelop cost me $11. so ex! -.- with my savings dwindling, i have decided to go help out my dad first for some pocket money until that idiotic govt board decides to arrange interviews for me. and so we ate lunch, at 5pm, and ate dinner at 9pm? hehe. actually i wasnt that hungry but i just gian to eat something, seeing all the nice places at the newly renovated marina square. walk until my leg pain. we walked around doing lecherous stuff, hehe.. ogling at short skirts and talking stupid jokes. hiakz. was quite fun. luckily he no date today with his gf. else i probably be nursing a depressed mood at home liao.


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