Thursday, July 20, 2006



anyway.. was saying i cooked chicken soup for dinner today. for the family. with radish and white fungus and mushrooms. as i cooked, i was hit by a nolstagic wave of when not long ago i used to cook for my ryo and how big the radish were in Japan. haiz. the radish in sg seems to be only half the size. why huh ? are we puny here? hmm..

and .. was so boliao i took pics of the magazine meant for Jaclyn. Non-no! and i guess u should know who's on the cover le. wahaha. distance really makes the heart fonder. just 2 wks i have left the land of his existence, and i am like missing him like mad liao.

hee hee.. so handsome and delicious!! i wish he was single again so that at least we can harbour hopes of having a chance with him! look at his profile:
Profile of Kimura Takuya

and there are other delicious boys wearing yukata for the summer fireworks as well in the magazine .. yummy!

Boys in Yukata

ahhh ... i miss kimura takuya ! (hehe as if i noe him very well liddat.. )


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