Saturday, July 22, 2006

千百三十四:Sri Lankans. :(

sent my sis to the airport for her flight to London with my parents at the ungodly hour of 5am. (-.-) met calvin's parents for the first time and it was kinda awkward. meeting my sister's bf's parents. didn't know what to say to them. heh.

and today.. cos my sis flew by Sri Lankan Airlines, there were mostly Sri Lankans who took the flight. and guess what. at the check-in counters, i must say that they forced upon us a very bad impression of their people. it was not enuff that there were so many of them that they took up alot of time during check in. worse was they were avid queue cutters. cos the people in front were slow, i told my sis to move the the emptier line. and this guy suddenly just stuck a foot in front of her and pretended he was there all along. and then so we tot, ok, this one guy, never mind. when it was his turn at the counter, guess wat. he dragged along like 12 people who were standing at the side with tons of luggage and tried to do a very messy group check in. -.- abit shocked, and i saw a queue emptying so i told my sis to go there. then ok, that queue was a chinese lady in front, nothing much, the check in was quite smooth, so my sis tot her turn should be pretty fast. and then her turn came, she stepped up to the counter, and some idiotic sri lankan guy who was at the next queue tried to stick his arm in and cut the queue. !#$%&' luckily, the check-in officer was not a bodoh . he spoke to my sis directly, "you were queueing behind that old lady right?" and then my sis just nodded in abit of a shock that she kena cut queue again and the officer told off the Sri Lankan "please return to your own queue and wait for your turn" . wahah. dumbasses sia. what's wrong with these people !?

aniway.. came home after and just slept until 3pm, woke up,did my jap homework, watched Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift (not bad quite cool) and the whole show reminded me of Initial D. same drifting scenes. is drifting like the only thing they do in Japan?? hmm. yah. but the guy didn`t sound very cool though.


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