Monday, July 31, 2006



my stuff has finally arrived from Japan. what a long trip my stuff has been through.. from osaka to tokyo hQ of Yamato logistics through overnight truck on 6th July. then from Tokyo, all the boxes boarded the vessel MOL on 18th July and departed for singapore. woohoo. on 28th july, the boxes finally arrived in singapore and 31st july, i finally saw my miffy stuff and my kimura takuya magazines (=^-^=)

went to my dad's office today and woke at 6.30am -.- so . sleepy. i was almost asleep at 4pm and was lolling my head on the arm chair by that time. there is no broadband in the office (i think i said that b4 ..) meaning i can't blog, i can't chat, i can't read news or surf net. but i guess its easy work for some pocket money to tide me through these times of poverty. really feels like poverty compared to when in japan, when i don't even have to think twice when buying a drink. sianz...

lack of pictures.. lack of conversation with the outside world. makes me a very boring blogger. -.- zz dead tired. time to sleep ..


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