Tuesday, July 25, 2006

千百三十七:the road to .. freedom ?

yah right.. the word freedom is still .. far away.. but at least one month has almost gone by, leaving only 23 months of the bond remaining. hoho.

and i just downgraded my starhub plan, to the $25.20 one ? PowerValue 100 i think. took away caller-id and wat nots.. the extra stuff cos i seriously seldom use the line much liao . think i shall use that number if anione needs to call me back.and i wanted to downgrade to the 19.95 plan actually. but apparently i need to pay upfront $100 if i wanna use that. wat... crap. so ended up with the cheaper plan, with all day free incoming, more outgoing talk time and more sms apparently . hmm. i don't understand how they price their stuff, it totally don't make sense to me. gotta pay $10 to change plans too. eat money sia!!

grr ok .. only 11 months left i must 我慢!

and. . . hmm ok i think that's all for today. alot of crappy talk above.


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