Thursday, July 27, 2006

千百三十九:The Lake House

すごくロマンチック!!! ☆

romantic .. very romantic. but the ending was kinda irrational.

the whole movie, even though past and future communicating with each other, everything actually added up, everything happened for a reason right until the part when the tree sprouted overnight. (as the trailer showed) but. it was sweet. although keanu reeves looked very old and unshaven and not handsome. hmm. he seems to have put on weight? but wonderful acting from sandra bullock.. lovable.. and you really can feel her depression and her loneliness.. and the dog.. there's something strange about the dog.. but she really ups the comedy value in the movie. rating is 4 out of 5. .i dun like the ending. cos its too mind-boggling.

watched the movie with caleb whom i haven't met for at least 5 years? tot it would be strange at first, cos we had been quite unfrenly to each other towards the end of my uni days but i guess the similarities of living overseas (him in france for 2 years) and our allergy to the singapore air (he also sneeze alot after he came back!!) started us chatting online over the past 2 years ago. so yah. just frenly chatting today and he is still in school doing his masters. wah. neverending school life. and i had to be having my bad cold day. sneezed non-stop the whole day. throughout the movie, on the bus, on the train, and i used up like 6 packets of pocket-tissues! :x i felt like dying at the end of the day, now just taken a pill. so .. i have to go sleep now...

i hope i get well soon. hehe. nitezz


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