Thursday, July 27, 2006

千百三十八:Blistered Skin

today is one of those rambling posts about my day targetted at those who are really bothered to find out what i did.. hehe.. so don't say i didn't warn you..

helped out at my dad's office. and i really did work! helped him cut off the insulation on cables.. & i cut until my skin kena blistered. cos as i cut off the insulation, i had to wriggle them out one piece by one piece and my palm kept rubbing against the naked wire ends until they cut a piece of skin off. -.- it hurts, especially when water reaches it and the plaster not helping much. ouch.. and u're forced to work much more efficiently when there is no broadband, only dial-up internet.. and the work totally don't require internet. haiz.

ah. i am so dying to reveal my big plans but i can'T. not until they are executed, at least. argh arg argh.

my sis is in amsterdam today. so fun!! she gets to see the real holland while i only saw a make-believe land in Kyushu. ...humph!

and today's jap lesson. think i killed a ton of brain cells. the 2nd half was taught by the principal of the jap sch himself. and he made us read essay after essay after news articles. tiring to say the list, it was super difficult. so many kanji i didn't know existed, that i didn't know the pronunciation of came up. usually when u are doing silent reading, kanji u can just guess the meaning when u skim past, but when u are forced to read it allowed, u are forced to acknowledge that u cant read it at all. and the principal, read so fast, we were forced to use every ounce of concentration we had just to catch those kanjis we dunno and write down the hiragana for reading later. and hence i am worn out and cant even think enough to post something decent. will come up with something better, soon i hope.. zzz .. nite nite..


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