Sunday, July 30, 2006

千百四十: 21st Bday BBQ

ahh.. to be 21 again.

i went to shirley'S bday chalet. i tot it was a BBQ but it turned out to be a catered dinner. just as well cos i didN't really feel like eating bbq stuff. turns out i was the earliest when i was already late. and i didn't know anyone there, and ended up talking to her relatives who were quite friendly. hoho. yah. watched channel 8 the whole night.

collected my major plan item today, and went for a much needed haircut. the stylist got tired after a while and asked me if i hadnt cut my hair in a long time. haha. i would say 2-3 months? cos the last time was the straightening event at furosho that wasted money and my hair now was wavy and funny colour of 3-4 tones .. and the styist was like wow. wat happend? and she managed to give me a mahagony to even out the colours into the dark even colour. hoho. and she blew dried my hair until it looks so straight. i think straight hair better for me la. i look more chio. ^-^ i would put up a pic but my camera is with my sis in london. argh. come back soon!!


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